the thing is in the eye of the beholder

Hard to believe these books are about to become actually, you know — physical things that are out there in the world. And yet, in spite of everything, they are. FF 1 went to press at some point in the last 96 hours; F4 1 went a week or two ago.


I was looking at two images of The Thing this morning, one from Bags, the other from Allred, and I love them both for wholly different reasons. Two more different interpretations you’ll never find.

And yet they’re both great…? How weird is that? Two nearly-polar opposite interpretations and both work, both ring true, both look amazing.

Ahh, you’ll see soon enough.

I’ll get back to all this soon but I’ve been working pretty nonstop on Actual Scripts and that’s subsumed pretty much my everything. Sorry for the delays and silence!